TestimonialsAshish Banerjea

Ashish Banerjea

April , 2002

Dear Hari, 

I have given below my testimonial, so much to wirte about, yet hard to put in words. All the same here it is: It is hard to put in words my extraordinary association with Hari Sharma. It goes as far as the mid- 1980s when we worked together. Over these years his guidance and support in to my family and me at all times is beyond words. His extraordinary insight into Astrology, Herbal medicine and Gemology and his ability to combine the best of these disciplines has over the years proved invaluable to me and my family. Till today we consult him on almost every important issue and regard his views and opinions with utmost respect.

Hari's deep knowledge and understanding of the Hindu Shastras makes his advice and predictions even more accurate and he can also advise alternative methods like reciting mantras and reading chalisas to solve a lot of physical ailments and other problems. A very fitting example would be when I had complained of a terrible shoulder and arm pain, Hari had suggested that I read Hanumanji's Bahuk every Tuesday and Saturday. I have been doing it diligently for several years now and have been free of the pain problem since then. There have been many more instances over the years where his knowledge and acumen has always been extremely helpful to us and will be always sought for in the future. I wish Hari all success in his endeavour.

Best wishes,
New Jersey , USA