Weekly Predictions

Weekly PredictionsWeekly Predictions

Weekly Predictions

January , 2020

Note:  This is an exclusive Astrological Support for a limited number of users..

Scope of Report: - Single Birth Chart  

Time Horizon:- One Year

Report Format:- Through Mail, WhatsApp,  

Report Delivery:-  A month before the Quater starts  

Telephonic/ Internet Consultancy: Twice in a Month.

Weekly predictive will mainly cover for any 5 areas you choose to take from the below list.

  • Business and Finance 
  • Change in Job, Profession
  • Start up possibilities 
  • Career and Profession
  • Properity and Investments
  • Fame, Fortune and Luxuries
  • Sucess in launching a new product
  • Political Success
  • Self Expression 
  • Wellness/ Disease
  • Spiritual 
  • Relationship 
  • Marriage  
  • Spouse
  • Children

We work out favourable days / Dates for doing a New thing or a Meeting with a Business partner or with a Customer or any other new initiative in life. We will explain you on do's and don'ts in your professional and personal front, so as to ensure that you take right decision and save yourself from facing a damaging / critical situations. This will support you in taking correct decision related to your day to day professional and personal matters.

A document shall be made and emailed to you in advance for the coming quarter (covering weekly predictions) with remedial measure to be taken during the quarter. If you feel like, you may speak to me also twice a month as part of this service.

Consultation Charges: INR - 1.86 Lakh or US$ 3650/-