YantraYantra and their usage

Yantra and their usage

April , 2024

The Yantra is the divine one's visual, mathematical, and magical representation. We can find graphic depictions of God in magic squares in many ancient cultures. It is an ancient custom that was lost in the night of the times. But the Yantras acquire a wider spectrum of uses in the tantric tradition.

The Yantras are therefore a true tool of worship and should not be confused with magic or superstition. In actuality, the word's Sanskrit definition is "instrument," "support," "machine," or "device."

The worship and recitation in front of Yantra guide us progressively in the direction of its core, which stands for the Supreme Consciousness. A yantra is a tool that enables us to go on an inward quest to find the Supreme Self.

Finally Say YANTRADHINA – DEVATA  (Means the God and Planets are under the control of the Yantras).

We, at Astro envision make and provides the Authentic Yantras which are highly customized for an Individual Jajman (Client). These are made in Silver and Gold. These are for propitiation of Planets and for purpose of prosperity, wealth and defeating the enemies and winning in court cases.  Yantras, made by us are in the most auspicious Muhurta as per the Birth Chart of the Client (Nakshatra and other things).

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Maa Bagla Mukhi Yantra - in Gold & Silver

Meaning and Usage:

Sri Yantra – in Gold & Silver

The Sree Yantra - The Queen of All Yantra in the Universe

The Sree Yantra has great significance in SreeVidya. The Sri Yantra is a form of a Mystical diagram used in the ShriVidya and recitation for the happiness of Maa Lakshmi and Maa Raj Rajeshwari Lalita Devi. This Yantra is made of nine interlocking triangles, which reflects the complex symbolism. These nine Triangles symbolise Shiva and Shakti, encompassing the cosmic and human realms around a central Point called the Bindu (Naad). Sree Yantra is also known as Sree Chakra in some parts of India.

Sree Yantra is the Queen among all Yantras. It is the most significant symbol of great energy, power, creativity and abundance of wealth. It is considered representative of the body of Goddess Lakshmi. It is the most promising and influential of them all, said to be the source from which all other yantras have evolved. It maps a person’s entire spiritual journey, from the peak of material existence to enlightenment.

Benefits of Keeping and performing Pooja on Sri Yantra.

Sri Yantra - Sri Yantra is worshipped for fulfilling all their desires. Sri Yantra is not just like some magic; instead, the recitation and worshipping in front of Sri Yantra makes our thoughts clear, motivates us to focus on our objectives, and bestows immense success in the material world.

Sri Yantra bestows spiritual and material wealth most finely. This is undoubtedly the ultimate solution for all the negativity in life, warding off all obstacles in life.

Recitation of Stuti, Sri Sookaat, Lakshmi Sookaat, Lakshi Mantra, Maa Lalita Mantra or Beej Mantra, Sahastranamavali of Goddess brings immense success in life in your work area or business of ways of earnings as it creates a great aura of the reciter (Sadhak) to attract any human on earth. When one cannot do Pooja, one can only offer the rose petal and Kumkum to please the Goddess Lakshmi/ Goddess Lalita.

Sree Yantra for You

Sree Yantra, which you are having, is made of Pure Silver in the 3inch X 3 Inch size and weighs approx. 74 to 77 Grams. This is an authentic Sree Yantra made under the guidance of a Sadhak of Sri Viday who has received his Deeksha from his Spiritual Guru Swami Bimla Nand Teerth ji Maharaj, Dandee Swami, who is eventually from the doyen of Shree Karpatri Ji Maharaj.

This Sree yantra is protruding and jutting out, which you can feel from your finger, which is the most precious aspect of this Yantra. The Sages say that Goddess Lakshmi wishes to come and lie down on this kind of Yantra, which implies that the reciter of this type of Sree Yantra will have a seamless flow of money and wealth. Of course, the best condition is that recitation must be carried out, which shall be deeply explained to you in the Pen drive you find attached.

Shiv yantra – in Gold and Silver

Meaning and Usagge:-

Beesa Yantra – Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra

Meaning and Usage

There are numerous types of customized yantra available with us.