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  • Astrologer Hari Sharma
    Qualification: Jyotish Acharya, Jyotish Vachaspati, M.B.A
    Expertise in: Vedic Astrology, Financial Astrology, Prashna Astrology, Ramal
    Experience in Astrology: 35 Years
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    Consult an Astrologer - Astrology Reports

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    You get a highly customized service for you to seek an answer for any specific questions.Our Astrologer refers to your birth chart precisely and writes the predictive for your query along with the Do's and Don'ts, remedial to attain your goal.

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    Likely questions for you - Career & Job Related

    1.I want to switch to another job? Whether it will be beneficial and favourable in a new job?

    2.My best time to move to another job in the near future - One - year Horizon ?

    3.My boss does not listen to me, how to manage him?

    4.My boss gives me new work without considering what is already is on my plate. How to deal with this ?

    5.My boss micromanages me, how shall I get out of his clutches?

    6.My boss is negative towards me and does not give feedback on my performance?

    7.I am expecting a promotion, what are my chances to get a promotion ?

    8.I don't get the pay as per my work. What should I do?

    9.I am baffled with the favoritisms at my workplace, how do I tackle this situation?

    10.I have an incompetent manager, and he troubles me a lot, what shall be the best course of action for me?

    11.I am not finding any opportunity for advancement despite vacancy exists, how do I convince my boss to promote me?

    12.What are the possibilities to get a Government Job?

    13.Can I go abroad to work, if Yes, when, and which directions should I try?

    14.I want to leave the job and get into my own business.Will I be successful?

    15.Want to achieve a Top position in my workplace, what are the chances, and what should I do to attain so astrologically ?

    Likely questions for you - Money, Wealth & Luxuries

    1.What are the best investment models for me to grow like Reality, Investment, Fixed deposit, and Yellow metal and so on?

    2.What shall be my financial status in the near future ?

    3.Whether My chart confirms gains from Stocks trading?

    4.I have substantial debts, when will I get rid of this?

    5.Prosperity loan payment is a big monkey on my head, what should I do?

    6.What level of richness can I achieve in my life?

    Likely questions for you - Love and Relationship Related

    1.When shall I get marry, and what is the best time to get married?

    2.How will be my spouse in nature?

    3.How much marital bliss, I will have ?

    4.Can I have a love which shall get into a Soulmate ?

    5.Currently, we have troubles in our life, whether we will be able to continue?

    6.Whether I will have inter-caste marriage?

    7.Whether I will have arranged marriage?

    8.What are Astro and divine remedies for a healthy and long relationship with my soul mate ?

    9.What are the possibilities that I will have successful marital bliss ?

    10.Whether my life Partner will respect my parents and me?

    11.What are the chances that my soul mate may develop extra affairs ?

    12.What will be the anger Quotient of my would be?

    13.Whether I would be in the habit of digging unpleasant things time and again?

    14.Whether I would be soul mate be compatible in love with me?

    15 Whether I would be a good listener and forward - looking?

    Likely questions for you - Wellness & Health Related

    1.What is the significant chronic disease I can face?

    2.What are the chances to have a Heart Disease?

    3.Can I suffer from Cancer?

    4.What are the chances that I can catch Alzheimer's?

    5.I get depressed very fast, how should I control it?

    6, how long my Gastric trouble will continue and what should I do to control it apart from taking medicines?

    7.Are chances of mine getting the hereditary disease?

    8.How long my current problem with continue. Kindly resolve?

    Likely questions for you - Personality Related

    1.I have communication problems. When will it improve and what should I do?

    2.Do I need a Mentor?

    3.I, lose my control at times, how can I control this ?

    4.I have the desire to improve, but I feel low.What can I do on this count ?

    5.I lose compassion for my family members and get a lousy name.What are the remedies for this ?

    6.I lose my mindfulness at times, and people go away from me.How to manage this astrologically ?

    7.Sometimes, my approach is very adamant, though I want to improve, but unable to do so.How do I handle this to ensure my honour?

    8.I keep thinking much beyond a limit and gets depressed, which of my planets is creating such a problem?

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