Natal Astrology

Natal AstrologyWhat is Natal Astrology ?

What is Natal Astrology ?

April , 2017

Natal Astrology is a branch of astrology which is related to the interpretation of the Birth Chart. This is also called Horoscope- again the art of prediction of future events for all humans.

Among all the sciences and arts which claim or justify to reveal or discloses the nature of man or woman and unlocks the mysterious events of the future. There is none which can explain than the oldest of all the sciences, the science of astrology which is approx. 7000 years old. The western world knows the Hindu Vedic astrology around 1950 or so.

Astrology is the study of human behaviour and experience on the background of time and space.

In the current time, people accept the Astronomy and not Astrology because the former is noticeable and observable, whereas the latter is not observable or visible. Astrology starts where the Astronomy ends. Astrological findings are based on Astronomical and Mathematical and Biological Principles.

What is Astrology ? Exactly ?

Astrology is a perfectly organized system to take out details about the Planets and how exactly they reflect our earthly reality in human’s life. Your Birth Chart is a guide of positions of the Planers, namely, the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.

What details are required to make a Birth Chart ?

You need the correct Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth to make the birth chart. As the Mid-heaven, Ascendant and the position of the planets are calculated from your Birth data; thus, the exact time and place are very significant. The more accurate the information, the more precise your birth chart will be calculated.

How does the Horoscope work out ?

Astrology is a science-based on the mathematical and astronomical calculations of the Planets, their positions in the degrees, constellations, the Ascendant, the mid-heaven and their mutual relationship with each other. Using the Birth data, an astrologer computes the exact part of the Zodiac, which was at the highest position in the sky when you were born. This is Mid-heaven. Then using the precise latitude of the place, where you were born, the Ascendant or say the rising Zodiacal Sign is calculated. This results in preparing a chart that is a unique chart for you. To the extent that twins also have a small difference between their tables due to time difference. Also, the Birth chart is divided into 60 parts or 150 Parts to know the exact difference between twins.

How is Astrology different from Psychic Prediction? and its great advantage.

Once the Astrologer has created your Birth Chart Horoscope) then the relationship, aspects and conjunction positions of the planets are worked out to write predictions. The Birth Chart (Horoscope) is a highly accurate representation of your attainable potential in all aspects of your life. It was something like a big canvas of your life when you were born. Astrology uses this map to tell you about yourself and your best, highest potential and your weak areas by studying the planets, zodiacal signs and their placement.  

Further, the actual placement and progression of the planet are worked out about your Birth Chart by using the tried and tested methods of determining individuals emotional, powerful or weak status at a particular moment. 

Now, once the Horoscope is made, Astrologer reads it a bit like reading X-rays in a doctor’s clinic. As you all know that the x-ray is a film of something that we cannot understand at all, whereas a doctor understands well about the shadows, dark, lighter shades of the picture etc. to explain the physical status and its meaning. In the same manner, the Astrologers also uses historical experience which has been accumulated and recorded over a century. 

Astrologer makes the prediction based on your Horoscope which contains information about the planet, Rashi, Constellation etc. and by using your various capabilities, physical, educational status etc. to arrive at an accurate prediction of how you will respond to a particular situation and how your energies will react to anything and so on. 

Whereas the Psychics trust and depend on their inner sense of what is happening around them. They use tools like cards, geomancy tools, crystals, energy image etc. to aid their psychic prowess. So, they focus on psychic abilities when they want to learn about you and your situation. They also use actual location about your after talking to you. Many psychics use skills which we already have, and they can also miss the mark because of personal issues. In contrast, the Astrologer has the advantage of being able to rely on proven astronomical and astrological data.

The advantage of Astrologer is that he can explore your Birth Chat without comparing to other people, the reading will be unique and clear about you. Astrologer has the advantage of a solid factual basis for their predictions and doesn’t depend on personal psychic clarity for their verdict. Thus an Astrologers reading is much far off dependable and correct.