Online Poojas Anushthan

Online Poojas AnushthanOnline Poojas Anushthan

Online Poojas Anushthan

December , 2023

We, at Astro Envision offer various kinds of online pooja / Anushthan for our client to mitigate the Negativities in their life,

What are the various Poojas/ Anushthan carried out?

Various poojas/ Anusthan carried out are as followers, few to mention

  • Overall, Peace in the house and harmony among people living in the same house.
  • Attainment of money in job/ business
  • Attainment of Progress and promotions in the job
  • Children’s Studies and concentration in studies
  • Removal of Obstacles in Marriage
  • Winning in the Litigation of any kind of disputes
  • Removal of obstacles in foreign studies/settlement
  • Getting relief from any prolonged disease.
  • Ensuring the safety of Black Eye/ Magic and removal of the same permanently. 

Where the Online Pooja is carried out?

Pooja is help at the Temple in Delhi, on the Bank of Yamuna at Delhi, In Haridwar,  Rishikesh, Himachal Varanasi or any other place in India depending on the needs and desires of Clients.

Can we watch the Pooja Online?

Yes, you are welcome to watch the Pooja / Anushthan through WhatsApp video call or any other Video Media as is suitable for the Client

What are various kinds of Poojas / Anushthan are there?

  • Pooja for Vishnu, and Shiva
  • Rudrabhishek,
  • Parthiv Linga Rudrabhishek
  • Pooja/ Anushthan  for Planets Propitiation when in neecha Rashi
  • Durga Saptashati Anushthan
  • Anushthan for Maa Gayatri, Pitru Gayatri, Brahm Gayatri for your Ancestors and so on.
  • Anushthan for Maha-mritunjaya
  • Anushthan and recitation of Goddess Saraswati
  • Anushthan and recitation of Goddess Lakshmi
  • Recitation of Mantra for Planets
  • Praan Prathishtha and Anushthan of Maa, Baglamukhi Yantra
  • Praan Prathishtha and Anushthan of Raj Rajesjwari Maa Lalita, Maha Tripur Sundari
  • Kaal Sarpa Dosha Pooja
  • Any other anushthan which is asked, sought by the Clients for removal of any kind of Dashas arising in life.

Team of Vedic Pandits,

We have a very learned, mature and efficient team of Vedic Pandits, who studied in Gurukuls, Dharamsangh Vidhalaya of Karpatri ji Maharaj, Varanasi and from other Sanskrit Vidyapeeth. You will have a great feeling and experience when you watch Pooja Online.

What are the Charges for the Online Poojas?

To know the charges for any specific Anushthan / Pooja, Please Call:-

9555600111, 9555700111