Expert's Comment

Expert's Comment(Former National Vice President & Addl. controller of Examinations ' ICAS ' Chennai - Regd.)
Expert's Comment

(Former National Vice President & Addl. controller of Examinations ' ICAS ' Chennai - Regd.)

April , 2024

Expert’s Comments – from Sh. J.N. Sharma – The Horary Master

(Former National Vice President & Addl. controller of Examinations – ICAS – Chennai - Regd.)

Visiting Faculty – Arsh Vidya Pitham - Institute for the Study of Vedanta, Sanskrit and Yoga - Saylorsburg – Pennsylvania – U.S.A for teaching Horary & Natal - Predictive Astrology.

Hari Sharma, the developer of this unique Horary Software tool, had been my longest ever student of Horary. In spite of all difficulties & complex methodology involved in Horary Yoga & other Calculations, which I always believed were almost impossible to achieve through Software, albeit, he tirelessly worked for years to develop this amazing Software tool .  

All the time during the development of this Software, irrespective of my busy schedule, he always ensured that precise, accurate work is done for all Horary Calculations & also seen by me critically & decisively having final nod by me always on all matters.

I am very sure that, the this Horary Software shall be of immense help to all Astrologers be it beginners or at advance practicing one & would prove to be a great support tool for them in horary predictive. Though I always had been of opinion that, Individual Astrologer’s wit, understanding & final predictions are very important & subjective, still I am confident that this Horary Software from Hari, will give a cutting edge in calculative precision, predictive of horary astrology.
The distinctive features of the software make it an unmatchable and class apart software tool among many other available in the market. One of the finest features among others is detailed & precise calculation of horary Yogas for coming 12 weeks or fraction thereof in days from the time of Query. This tool shall always be of immense help for any Astrologer practicing horary at any level.

Hari left his shining MNC career to continue legacy, in the world of Astrology.

The Natal Part of the software having thousands of combinations embedded in the Software from Classic & else gives useful predictions which can be of great help in Horoscopy for Astrologers and End User’s too.

This Web based Astro-tool will always have leverage of continuous improvements in future & user-friendly requirement in a seamless manner.

I, am sure and do highly recommend this excellent Astro tool to be used  by Astrologers and end users to get the accurate predictive results in Horary and Natal astrology.

I wish Hari, a lots of good luck in his endeavor apart from being a finest astrologer making me proud of his work.

from – J.N. Sharma