Expert's Comment

Sh. K.R.Chari

(Vice President ICAS)- Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, (Regd.)

Expert's Comment from Sh. K.R. Chari

(Vice President ICAS)- Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, (Regd.)

This web based Astrology Software developed by Astrologer Sri Hari Sharma, is a unique astrological support tool for Astrologers End users too. I can confidently say this since I was associated with the development of this software from the very beginning. I am aware of the inputs that would greatly help, guide and prognosticate every astrologer who utilizes this tool as an aid to their wide knowledge in astro-science.

Hari, having vast experience of corporate world, had been associated with me astrologically and else for a very long time, He also belongs to a family of Astrologers.

The kind of astrological calculations provided in the software for Natal and Horary branches of astrology are very distinctive, precise and to the point. It has great and minute features that distinguish this software from the rest in the market. It will greatly assist the astrologer or end users whether it is horary query or birth chart analysis. It will provide immense help to astro-research scholars who would not only obtain results according to their goal in pristine and precise manner but would be able to further their research in astrology.

The Horary Yogas portfolio provided in this Software is in such a detailed manner with a provision for finding formation of Horary Yogas for a period of 12 weeks ahead of the query Besides, the Horary queries are so exhaustive and varied that the astrologer would have to simply tap the bar for finding answers to the query. This is going to be one of the unique and detailed software that will support and guide the astrologers in their day to day business.

The Natal Part of the software is also equally very useful as there are hundreds and hundreds of combinations embedded in the Software from Classic else giving the useful predictions to be used by Astrologers and End User's has many other dynamic features.

This being a web based Astro software has an added advantage towards regular up gradation best possible changes as per Users requirement to keep them abreast of any changes seamlessly.

I, highly recommend this useful Astro tool to be used by Astrologers and End users to get the astute predictive support for Natal Horary Astrology. With all the best wishes to Hari Sharma - from - K.R. Chari

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