TestimonialsSN Chatterjee

SN Chatterjee

March , 2007

Hari Prakashji,

How does one put down on paper feelings which are very difficult to express. You have changed the lives of all of us - Mala, Shumita and me. But then we have never got anything other from you than the gracious friend, mentor and guide. You have shown us the right way always. And in my specific case, in our so many years of association, I have never come across a single time when what you have said had not come true. You cheered us in good times and warned and guided us in other times. You advised us to do, as they should be done. You never hesitated from calling a spade a spade. When we were on the wrong path, you got us back on the right one. So much so that even today I believe there is a kind of telepathy between us. I know in advance when you want to speak to me and phone u and more importantly, you know when I am in your need and advise and you immediately phone me to check up.

There are endless instances of your informing us of forthcoming good news and these have all been correct. People predict of dire problems and pretend to save us from them to corner glory because when nothing bad happens we say these people were correct and have saved us from trouble. But what about good things in life. Every prediction has been correct sometimes even to the day.

I would say that you are our saviour and god has ordained us to be associated with you since it was HIS wish that you guide us always throughout our lives.We wish all success to you in your endeavours and may God grant you his wisdom so that you are forever with us and forever guiding us in our lives. With respectful pranam and regards,