Puneet Sawhney
June , 2005


With due respect humbleness I want to Thank You for changing the way I think and approach all materialist non-materialist matters of this world.

I remember that I first met you when I was to hand over my official job responsibilities to you in the year 1994, and during our first few discussions itself you had asked me if I had a new job in hand. The answer from me was Yes and I will be getting an appointment letter from my new employer same evening. You said fine and we will meet tomorrow. Next day when we met I guess you did not ask me the same question as probably you knew the answer BUT instead asked me if I had my Patri. I guess in 2 meetings you knew most of me by reading my palm at a distance. Eventually after going through my horoscope you helped me to continue in the same company that I was about to leave, as I did not end up getting any appointment letter from the new employer. More so you had already foreseen that there was no possibility of me getting another job for another 2 months if I left my present employer.

I guess I am fortunate enough to continue learning a lot from your wisdom, thoughts and things that you foresee with utmost clarity in advance whether it is related to profession, personal, family, near and dear ones affected by my being around them etc.

I have been in constant touch with you for long now and it amazes me how your astro predictions are so accurate and amazingly correct.

From Bottom of my heart THANKS ONCE AGAIN!!!

Puneet Sawhney

Vice President - MNC

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