What are some of your observations of a Gemini ascendant?

By : Hari Sharma
Posted Date : 21-Aug-2020 19:24:01

Mercury is the Lord of your Lifeline, it relates to your self-expression in life and your appearance in the material world. Mercury represents that how will you project yourself, indicated your physical vitality and manifestation, honour, fame, recognition, honesty and high integrity. Your basic instinct about generosity, kindness, being liberal in your dealings. Mercury will reveal your attitude towards your support to desired ones. Mercury will come out with the fact that how the structure of your life is likely to there. Mercury will depict how much struggle you will take up in life to move up on the ladder of life. Mercury will explain your faithfulness and honesty towards your family, teacher, and gurus. How bold you are going to be is what Mercury will reveal. Your habit of being secretive minds, open-mindedness and other ways to communicate will be more controlled by Mercury.

You will have a pleasing behaviour having scholarly tendencies from the beginning, and you always wish to learn new things, new ways. You may like to get indulge in some side business earning money apart from your primary profession such as teaching, doing some agency work, accounts, proofreading, writing a book, consultancy etc. Your mind is likely to be unsteady in a particular work, and you may always try to change the workplace or job to move up. However, the application of intellect in your profession is likely to be there in every work and shall bring success too. Your understanding of multiple things makes you a pleasant and famous mediator as your flawless talks or suggestions, will influence both parties to compromise and reach an amicable solution. However, decisions related to your own affairs gets into the delayed mode as you keep thinking the next action much beforehand. People do trust you when it is a matter of completing the task intelligently and in a perfect manner and with high precision leading to fame and money in your life except at times you may leave the work at random. Also sometimes people may get confused with your new ideas, new working strategy. Your tendency to leave the work in hand in between and switching to another task is something which can put you in major professional troubles, so you should avoid such actions. You have peace-loving nature, mild and soft behave in dealing with situations, things and people, all except when you are getting tortured and faces undesired troubles, your mind think many ways to teach the enemy a lesson of his life. However, you need to be more diplomatic to handle the situations. You are likely to have innovative thinking to complete your work in a new and efficient way which you regularly do and also accomplish well. There are possibilities that you may have to undertake quite short and long travels related to your profession, and you will be doing adventure trips too along with your professional trips. Undoubtedly, you understand things profoundly and then creating new things in a shortcut and efficient manner, be it manufacturing, selling, services, financial, teaching or any other kind of thing, business processes. Your smartness will be liked by your superiors and would establish you in your profession having fame and wealth You work hard and use your exceptional skills to complete things efficiently and impressing people with your ways to execute your work and make money. You are likely to be a freethinker and good rationalists in your work and prefer not to indulge and believe something without substance and logic. You always prefer to discuss and understand things in deep, which may make you famous like a Brand in your profession, earning loads of money and comforts. You are likely to put up queries to people around you to understand various things from them and acquire knowledge. The way you deal and ask people, no one ever denies to give a truthful answer and support.