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Parivartana Yoga’s are the most powerful planetary combinations, having the capacity to link the effects of two astrological houses in a chart. When two or more planets get into a particular relationship which is when Two Planets are switching their Rashi’s among them. It is something like planet A occupies a sign ruled by Planet B, while Planet B occupies a sign ruled by Planet A.

Parivartana Yoga is dynamic, because the two planets are linked in a manner that allows transposition by sign and, therefore, by house automatically.

This exchange between two planets creates a strong bond between these two planets who are in exchange with each other. The exchange of house lords triggers the cooperation of their respective houses.

The Parivartan Yogas are of following 3 types, depending on the type of exchange of planet.

Maha Parivartana Yoga

Khala Parivartana Yoga

Dainya Parivartana Yoga

Some Examples are as follows for your understanding

Case :- 1

Mr Hargovind Khurana – Scientist – Nobel Prize Winner

Let’s Looks at the following Example. The following is the Birth chart of Mr Hargovind Khurana, who was a Nobel Prize winner. The Top Quality Parivartan yoga arising in his chart that is Mercury in the House of Saturn and Saturn is in the House of Mercury being the 5th House and 9th house Lords Parivartan.

Mr Hargovind Khurana had the Mahabhagya Parivartan Yoga of Saturn and Mercury whereby a person becomes world-renowned. Mahabhagya Parivartan Yoga bestows majestic and royal appearance, and the person becomes highly glorified and famous in his life. He worked for humanity and liked and admired by millions. We all know the stature of Mr Khurana. As said earlier. He has other RajYoga’s in his Birth Chart, but Superior quality – Maha Parivartan Yoga has added great advantage and edge to the Birth Chart.

Case :- 2

Mrs Indira Gandhi – Former Prime Minister of India.

The Daughter of First Prime Minister of India. Mr Jawahar Lal Nehru. Mrs Gandhi was prime minister of India for the longest-serving time of one and a half-decade. She was the only woman to hold the office of Prime minister of India. Mrs Gandhi was named 100 Most powerful women by Time Magazine in 2020.

She was awarded the Bharat Ratana - The highest civilian award in 1971.

Magic of Parivartan Yoga in the case of Mrs Indira Gandhi.

Mrs Gandhi had Three Parivartan Yoga’s in her birth chart

1. Moon- Saturn – Mahabhagya Parivartan

2. Venus-Jupiter – Dainya Parivartan Yoga

3. Sun and Mars – Mahabhagya Parivartan

This is highest ever Parivartan yoga which can happen in any humans Birth Chart.

The existence of grand and powerful Maha-Parivartan Yoga’s made her a world leader and one of the world's most powerful women, though other Raj Yoga’s also exists in her chart. She was having a high class, dignified, glorious, commanding personality, majestic, and noble person.

Finally, the magic of Stars played a role despite all odds in her personal life.

It would help if you got your Birth Charts reviewed to find, execute, and take the best advantage of the Planets movements.

Case :- 3

Tony Blair – Prime Minister of United Kingdom

Mr Tony Blair has exchanged Lagna Lord Jupiter with the Lord of 11th house Venus forming Mahabhagya Parivartan Yoga. He had been the Prime minister of the United Kingdom for ten years.

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