Vaisheshikamsha (Royal Power)

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What is Vaisheshikamsha(Power of planets) and its significance?

Vaisheshikamsha results have been worked out based on Ten Varga Charts to find out the Power of planets, Power of Raj Yoga, Dhana Yoga, Attaining fame, wealth and luxuries, Enjoying Comforts, Power and Position, Status in Political power  Renunciation status and other spheres of life.  

How to see your status in Vaisheshikamsha?

The higher the Amsas attained, the higher the degree of success shall be achieved by you.

Power of Vaishseshikamshas in Dasha Varga.

(Smaller to Bigger)

No.1- Paarijaatmsha is the lowest in order or Power

No.2 - Uttamamsha

No.3 - Gopuraamsha

No.4 - Simhasanamsha

No-5 - Paravatamsha

No.6 - Devalokamsha

No.7 - Devalokamsha

No. 8 - Brahmalokamsha

No. 9 - Airavatamsha

No. 10 - Shree-Dhamamsha - is the Highest in Order