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Why is it important to get an Astro Report about the existence of Negative Yoga in Your Birth Chart ?

As the adverse combinations of planets lead to adversities, ill –health, financial losses, not taking the right decision, not getting into a suitable line of business. Getting into the wrong stream of studies facing mental trauma, facing misfortune and many other negative things in life.

To find out such negative possibilities, if arising in the birth chart, one is able to understand his/her weaknesses and all do’s and don’ts, be proactive about any adverse moves, ensure all precaution and carefulness about any action, move or decision

So in a smoother manner. He or she becomes highly goal oriented as the indications arising from such Raj- Yoga is sufficient enough to choose a particular line of profession or averse to do any adverse action. So it becomes very important for every individual to look into the Raj- Yoga arising in their Birth Chart.

What is Negative Yoga’s ?

Contrary to Raj-Yoga’s, astrology also has a specific position of the planets (Negative Combinations of Planets) in an individual’s birth chart.

Negative Yoga’s existing in a particular case can be effective for a lifetime or can be effective for a certain period only, depending on the malefic position of planets, intensity of yoga etc.

Result - Negative Yoga’s

These negative combinations present in your chart is likely to result the following in a single of multiple results.

•      Catching disease for a lifetime

•      Obstacles in life from family, friends and relatives.

•      Lacking abilities to make money and generate wealth. 

•      Low intellect

•      Frequent wrong decisions

•      Poor talent to impress people

•      Many Failures in life

•      Low intellect and breaks in education

•      Misfortune prevailing in almost many things

•      get exposed to wrong things.

•     Complaints a lot about almost everything.

•      Underachievers in life, Loss of money.

•      Loose temper very quickly.

Your Astro Yoga - Negatives Astro Report:-  Add to Cart
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