Negatives, Setback & Sufferings
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Killer giants - Negativities, Setback and Sufferings

The high demanding lifestyle in modern times forces us to face any Negativity, Money losses must be handled very diligently and in positive stride be it in the personal or professional level. Noone stands for you if you don't reflect the positivity in your every action despite all troubles. We have covered the following set of queries in Your Astro Report based on your birth chart.

  • Will I have Money & other Worries?
  • Will I Indulge in Bad / Wrongful acts?
  • Will I face Obstacles in Life?
  • What are the Possibilities of Litigation?
  • Sufferings to be Faced? 
  • Troubles to be Faced? 
  • Will I suffer from any Curse?
  • Losses Due to wrong actions?
  • Injuries Due to Others?
  • Loss of Fame & Reputation?
  • Status of Loans & Debts?
Your Negatives, Setback & Sufferings Astro Report:-  Add to Cart
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